Our Terms


Scheduling and Service

All properties are mowed on a set schedule on a certain day in a certain order. Weather permitting you can count on us to be at your house on your service day.   We will mow, edge, line trim and blow off your front yard, back yard, & side yards using 21 inch commercial lawn mowers. We will try our best to keep yard clippings out of your pool and leave your house perfectly clean and neat looking.  

Rain Delays

We will mow in light rain or after the rain subsides. If it is raining on your scheduled service day, you can expect us later in the day or the next day. We automatically cancel all extra service requests if we are behind from the weather. For example, if you ask us to trim your shrubs next time we come out to mow your lawn as long as we are on schedule it will be done. If we are running behind we will not trim your shrubs but we will mow your lawn. The hedge trimming job will be automatically moved to your next service day.  

Diseases / Weed Control

We do not diagnose, predict or treat lawn, plant or tree diseases. 

Gates and Pets

Please leave your gate unlocked for the full day of your regularly scheduled service or just use a combination lock and leave the combination with us. We are unable to send our crews back or issue any credit for not being able to mow inside a locked area if we don't have the combination. We are very good about closing the gates when we leave, but we don't assume responsibility and can not guarantee that your pets won't escape. Please put a leash on your pet, board your pet or put it inside if this is a concern.  

Trees and Fences

In order to make your yard look it's best we use line trimmers (weedeaters). If you are concerned about string damage please put protection around your trees or fences. String damage is more likely to occur when beds don't have any edging around them, or plants are planted in the yard without protection around the base.  

Biweekly Caution

Along with 100% of the horticulture experts, turf grass specialists and nurserymen we do not recommend biweekly service. There are many times in the year where the grass is growing too fast to wait 14 days between service visits. Even though biweekly service is not good for the grass or the appearance of your lawn we still offer the service for the people who do not care about the quality of their grass or appearance of their lawn. We do not offer any guarantees with biweekly service. Bi-weekly service lends itself to such problems and complaints as the following: thatch build-up, grass clumps, excessive grass clippings, missed spots, grass lines or ridges which appear that we skipped while mowing, and the appearance of an uneven cut in the yard. 


Sprinkler Heads

Sometimes people's sprinkler heads stick up in their yard because they aren't set at the right height. If your sprinkler heads are getting hit it's time to call a sprinkler company out to set them at the proper depth in your yard. A properly operating sprinkler system should not interfere with normal lawn activities. 

Additional Services

We are available for extra work trimming shrubs, weeding flower beds, planting flowers, and raking leaves. All work is $75 per man per hour. We do not estimate the work. The charges are prorated when it takes less than a hour. 

Sales Tax

All prices listed and quoted are before sales tax (8.25%) which will be added to all taxable services. 

Credit Cards

Earn miles on your credit card for yard service, yes you can. We have simplified bill paying at no additional cost to you. No more writing checks, hassling with stamps and messing with envelops or trying to remember to leave money outside for the lawn guy. Everything is simple and automatic; we keep a credit card on file and charge it on the 28th of the month for services during that month. By giving us your credit card you are authorizing us to charge it each month. 


We strive for your complete satisfaction with the service we provide! While we are unable to give refunds or credits, we can send the crew back to correct any reasonable service issues, without any additional charges, provided that you contact us within 24 hours of the service. Otherwise, we will consider the work well done to your satisfaction. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will talk to our crew about your complaint in order that it will be corrected on your next service.